A couple of weeks ago during a Sunday ministration service, the man of God who has had such a great influence on me said “do not negotiate with Satan”. Today during a miracle service, he said, “as long as I am alive, Satan will have no peace”. Oh that makes me so happy and do you know why? We share the same sentiments – maybe it comes from our spiritual connection. In a New Year’s Eve video that I posted on my social media, I stated something about the declaration of war between Satan and I and I had some well-meaning christians who tried to encourage me that victory is already ours as believers so there is no need to stay in warfare. I know they meant well so I graciously smiled and told them “bless your heart”. 

Truth is, when you know what’s chasing you, you can make the decision on whether to give the devil a break or keep unleashing the fiery swords of heaven on him and his minions. The bible has stated clearly who and what is fighting against our destinies every day: “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 NLT. Now, those guys mentioned in that scripture do not take a break, they don’t sleep, they don’t slumber and they don’t go on vacation. 24/7 they are at it, designing and orchestrating our demise. When all their weapons are broken, they turn to the next thing – finding legal rights and reasons to accuse you and I in the courts of heaven. Ask Job about this one how he was minding his business, doing all the right things yet Satan found a reason to accuse him before God. While we sleep, the adversary and his band of robbers are working, when we are awake they are already there working. Our biggest mistake is underestimating how determined these destroyers are. They won’t stop until you are empowered by God to stop them. As long as we are alive, the enemy desires our destruction and thus, every day is a day for spiritual warfare. I have shared on this blog how the spiritual realm will always control the physical realm. With that understanding, you cannot get too comfortable as a believer and think that warfare is for specific situations. You have to stop things in the spiritual realm from happening in the physical. It’s called being proactive. Spiritual intelligence has taught us so. Praying to prevent things is way better than praying to cure or make situations go away. 

The enemy knows how complacent we believers can get and he tried that on Peter. Being so close to Jesus and one of His favorites, what was the need for him to be in warfare mode all the time huh? Well guess what, Jesus saw ahead of time what Satan had planned for his disciples, to “sift them like wheat” so He prayed for them to prevent the full effect of Satan’s plan from happening. He didn’t make it go away, He prayed so that they could withstand whatever the attack was. I watched a video on sifting, threshing, milling and winnowing wheat and it’s quite an interesting process. Sifting looked almost like a cuddle. You have to do it gently and I’m sure the wheat felt good thinking the person sifting it loved it so much. That’s how manipulative Satan can be with us believers. Sifting is the devil’s play card, to separate believers from Christ so that he can completely finish them. He throws in complacency, and all kinds of ‘arrival mentality’ and he can even give you scriptures to back your feelings but, you sleep a little and a little slumber, then he sneaks in just when your guards are down and he brings you to your knees. We are warned in 1 Peter 5:8 ESV “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour”. Really, that’s all he does and he’s been doing it for over a billion years or however long he’s been thrown down here on earth. He doesn’t get tired of it and he won’t stop. He doesn’t discriminate and he has no compassion. Babies, children, adults, whoever you are, you are his target. He has no friends and no alliances. If you allow him to use you, please note that you’re only a weapon in his hand and he will discard you and destroy you as well when he’s done. 

I pray for you this week that going forward, you will not get too comfortable and will not negotiate with your destiny. Say to yourself that as long as you are breathing, the kingdom of darkness will not see peace. That’s my daily affirmation and reminder to ensure that they are silenced forever. Put on the full armor of God as declared in Ephesians 6:10-18 and stay on your guard and right at the Master’s feet so that the adversary will not try to sift you out since that’s his greatest desire. 


Lady Abena.