Pleasure to ‘e-meet’ you. I am Abena Ntsifuah Bondah, affectionately called “Lady Abena” by my family and friends. You are right to wonder why “Lady Abena”?  This title has been conferred on me since I was 5+ years old. They said I have always been too prissy of a girl. Not sure if that has changed much but I accept it with all honor :).

I welcome you to Lipstick, High-Heels & Prayer Women; a personal and spiritual space where I get to connect with women who are not ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus, women who desire to know Jesus Christ, women who are tired of the status quo and desire greater gifts with the Lord, women who are saying, “I need a praying friend to lift me up when I can’t even find the words to pray”. Whatever category you find yourself in, I say you came to the right place. My mission is to encourage and inspire women from all walks of life to boldly and publicly share their love for Christ and be living examples of the new breed of women that God is raising in His Kingdom – PRAYING WOMEN IN HIGH-HEELS. If that sounds like you or someone you aspire to be, then stay connected.

I don’t have a day job really because when you own your business you work day and night but you find time in the 24 Hour slot you have to rest, eat and take care of the people in your lives. I’m with Gemstone Marketing & Business Consulting LLC, a Marketing, Communications & Sales firm for the Hospitality Industry, based in the Washington DC area. I am also with BONRIGHT Home Health Services, a newly established Home Health Agency serving Adults and Pediatric patients with caregiving services in the state of Maryland. I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. I am a graduate of the University of Cape Coast and University of Maryland Global Campus where I pursued a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Integrated Marketing.

My encounter with God is not one I can easily describe in words so it’s my prayer that as we stay connected through your reading of my blogs, watching media broadcasts and following events that I will be ministering at, the Lord will give me an opportunity to share my heart and secret place with you. I know you will be blessed and if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ yet, well, you will believe if you keep tabs on me.

I am very passionate about the Kingdom of God and improving the lives of women, children and communities especially in Africa. When I’m not working, my time and resources are directed towards such causes. I am also a recipient of the U. S. Presidential Gold Service Award for my service to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). I am the founder of the African Women Professionals Network.

I have been blessed to be asked to speak, minister, share or uplift  women and young girls in various organizations, corporate or religious, and also, some communities. I mentor both the young and old in following the things of God, their personal and professional growth. My greatest joy is seeing others soar and walk in the purposes God destined for them and if you hang around me for a few days, you can bet that it will rub on you rather quickly.

I have a son, who is my heartbeat and joy. My family and friends are warriors in the Kingdom of God and I stand tall because of the role God uses them to play in my life. I am overly protective of them so I keep them off the internet as much as I can :).

Truly, God bless you, thank you for connecting and I look forward to sharing in His Kingdom with you.


Lady Abena.