Dear Unbeliever,

If you’re wondering why I chose to write to you, well, I was wondering the same but I am writing because I think there are a lot of things we have to hash out about this “Believer” versus “Unbeliever” silent battle we have going on in this world. First, let me clarify that I am speaking to the Unbeliever who does not believe in Jesus Christ and those of us who call ourselves followers of “the way” of Jesus. I am aware that while you might not believe in Christianity, you possibly believe in other religions or some other source of power or force as the secular world calls it. Let me also state here that I am no expert of the bible or the Christian religion – just a girl who encountered God in my confusion and brokenness and He is helping me day by day to peel the layers of truth which only comes from Him. With that said, you’re in good company with me here. I really don’t think we will be able to finish everything I have on my mind today so I have thought of breaking this letter into various parts and I would really love for you to stay on track with me week by week till I get to the end of it.

I recently read that there are over 4000+ religions in the world as of 2021. You can imagine my shock just as you are upon hearing this. This only adds on to your confusion doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering – what’s the purpose of all these religions? I’ll tell you – religion is man’s pursuit to find God and by doing so, they come up with different ways of getting there. Since religion is man’s creation, sometimes it is bound by their own/personal traditions, rituals, doctrines, egos, pride, etc. This is why you’ve probably noticed the different forms, practices and requirements of certain religious organizations. Truth be told that I am spooked out just like you are when I see some of the doctrines and practices of some of these religious entities. There are days I wonder how God must be feeling – watching us make all kinds of proclamations, engaging in all kinds of practices He has not commanded us to. Well, I’ll have my answers when I finally get to heaven and see Him face to face. Did I just weird you out by speaking about ‘Heaven’? Sorry if I did but I think we will address that in this letter as well.

I am aware a few things that turn you off about us Christians/Believers and those are the things I would like us to chat about.

  1. Why do we serve a man whom we have never met called God – does He even exist or someone has just managed to convince millions of people that God exists? More so, we try to get you to believe that truly God exists.
  2. Why do we believe the bible really is God’s book and we should live our lives by it?
  3. How do we get to condemn you (Unbelievers) to hell, playing God and judging over your lives when you see our (Believers) hypocrisy on full display? We secretly do the same things you do and even worse but then we call you all kinds of names and act so pious on Sundays or when we are in church. We say one thing and do another and guess what, if I were in your shoes, I’d be completely turned off too.
  4. You wonder why we preach abundance and prosperity yet most Believers are poor and miserable. Well, that cannot be enticing can it? I mean, you don’t even believe in what we believe in yet you’re doing well on your job, you’re OK financially and have all your basic needs met while we Believers seem to be struggling to even put food on the table.
  5. Why do some preachers or religious leaders lead extravagant lives and yet we try to guilt Unbelievers for spending their money any way they please?
  6. Here’s a big one – we make noise about someone called the Holy Spirit. Some of us even speak and pray in weird languages called Tongues. I know how funny you think we sound and I also know you think we must be losing some screws in our heads to be speaking stuff we don’t even understand.
  7. We claim miracles and supernatural powers and you can’t believe that we actually believe those things really exist or we are just making up stuff that really shouldn’t be.
  8. Then the big and final one for me – this thing called “salvation” and eternal life that we drum in your ears and make so much noise of. Like we really believe there’s an afterlife and a place called Heaven when no one that you personally know that has passed on has come back to life to even tell you what happened when they took their last breath.

Well, looks like we have a few points to discuss in the next few weeks. I know the Holy Spirit (it’s OK if you don’t know Him yet or believe He exists) will guide me to have an honest and candid conversation with you. I will be able to share my personal experiences and testimonies with you to bring home some of the things we will be chatting about. I will be quoting some scriptures – don’t be turned off by that as I need them to make my points clearer. If you don’t have a bible and do not want to own one, it’s OK but you can verify what I’ll be quoting by just putting it in the google search browser and bam!

Just a little bit about me – I’m not your average Christian woman. I don’t like religion and I have a hard time obeying religious rules. I honor men and obey God and His word instead. Yup – that’s me. I believe in studying and feeding on the Word of God, Praying and having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. My hunger for the things of God which has led me to passionately share Jesus Christ came from a place of personal encounter with the Lord. My mother became a Christian Believer when I was about 7 years old. We came from a family of hard core idol worshipers – a.k.a pagans. God found it worthy to call my mother out of the darkness and laid a mantle on her life. My mother didn’t even know anything about the bible before God called her. I know that sounds a bit sci-fi to you but another time, I’d explain in detail. BUT – in the last 33+ years, God has used her to plant over 50 churches, brought thousands of people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, delivered people from spiritual bondages, healed so many sick people and I can go on and on. Can I tell you though that while I grew up with such a powerful woman that God was using mightily, I was very displeased to see the challenges, attacks and pain she had to endure in doing God’s work? The many car accidents she had on her way to evangelism and crusades – even at one point her car was flipped over a bridge into a river. Oh yes – she has seen it all and I had to suffer through it all as her only daughter. It devastated me so much that I wanted nothing to do with openly serving God. In other words, I ran away anytime God had to be involved. I even had my own doubts about God at some point. I thought He just made the people who heartily serve Him suffer for no reason. I like you even doubted His existence at some point. It was one thing after the other but can I tell you that in all these things, my mother till this day says “she counts it all joy?” She would do it again and again if God asked her to? She talks about how faithful God has been to her and how blessed she’s been and I even get confused sometimes because I see it differently – that she sacrificed so much and lost so much because of God. How can she experience all these bad things and still be in love with God?

Well, after all these years of me running and silently being mad at God for various reasons including the attacks that came on my own life as well, He finally got my attention and now I understand why my mom feels the way she does about God – she’s literally dedicated her life to Him and no matter what happens she’s for Him. I really hope that during our conversations over the next few weeks, you’ll get to see my heart as well – that I do understand where you’re coming from and hope to change your perception of Jesus Christ. Most importantly, you will see that He is not as judgmental as some of us Christians have made you think. He doesn’t condemn you and He does not hate you. Even if you choose not to love Him, He still loves you and desires nothing but to have a one-on-one relationship with you. He doesn’t like religion either – He thinks it keeps people in bondage and clouds their perception of Him. You’ll see how cool Jesus is – He allows me to be my girly self (high-heels, red lipstick, tutu dresses and skirts) and still manifests Himself through me. He accepts you just as you are and when you start your relationship with Him, He will gradually transform you into the King or Queen He created you to be.

So, are you ready to have these discussions with me? Then come on back here next week as we chat about point number 1 listed above. May you be blessed as you go out and blessed when you come in this week.

To be continued…


Lady Abena.