Dear Unbeliever,

Welcome to part 2 of my letter which I started to write to you last week. If you haven’t read the first part, please click on this link to read before you proceed with this one. Our chat today is centered on the fact that you wonder why we (Believing Christians) serve a man whom we have never met called God. Does He even exist or someone has just managed to convince millions of people that God exists? More so, we try to get you (Unbelievers) to believe that God truly exists.

Well, since we are being transparent here, let me assure you that there were times in my life, a lot of times that I wondered the same. It was usually during times when things were going so wrongly for me and I felt lost no matter what I tried. It was during times when I saw chaos around the world, when evil seemed to be thriving and winning and innocent and good people were paying the price for things they had no business with. BUT – I didn’t seem to wonder about His existence when all was rosy and dandy with me. Isn’t this interesting? We equate good things to God and when the negative stuff occurs we begin to doubt if He is real.

A few times I did put in the google search “Does God exist” and I can tell you the many articles, opinions etc. that came up was enough to give you a tension headache. From scientific research to theological arguments and all. After my confusion reading several of these debates and even scholarly articles trying to disprove the existence of God, I looked up to the skies and let my mind wander off for a moment. I looked at the sun, studied the moon and stars in the night, I looked at the living creatures – the squirrels sneaking around my backyard and all. I even looked at the ants and their ways. I looked at the flowers in bloom and the trees in the fall. Then I experienced motherhood – conception, the pregnancy journey and the birthing of my son who is also my heartbeat. Long story short, I just paid attention to all these things and more and I told myself – who made it all possible? Someone must have created these or created laws and systems for these things to happen through us humans. Who told the seas to never cross its shoreline and the skies to never fall on us? I hope you understand that I can go on for another 10+ pages listing everything that makes you and I realize that there’s an owner to all these things.

So, even if you still doubt, how do you presume you showed up here on earth? Who configured you to be able to think, breathe, speak etc.? Watch the way you fall asleep – quite easily don’t you? Now, do you see what happens in your life when you’re asleep? Obviously not. My folks have a saying that “if you do not know what death feels like, study how you sleep.” Isn’t that the honest truth? Who wakes you up when it’s time for your body to be up and how come some people go to sleep and they never wake up? The bible says in John 1:18 that no man has seen God and rightly so. This was the perception for a very long time. The Israelites if you read about their journey in the bible, saw some aspects of God and His nature. I mean they even heard the voice of God like thunder. God showed Himself to them like a pillar of cloud that they could actually see His presence. He did so many miracles – I’m not talking about invisible things – I mean real tangible things like manna falling from the sky and parting the sea right before their eyes. Do you know that even them, at every turn doubted God and were disobedient and unfaithful to Him? Sometimes in our humanness we find it inconceivable that these things the bible talks about are real but they are.

In my pursuit to know God, I started to read the scriptures which reveal the nature of God, who He is and what He says. Through the scriptures, I learned the names of God which also revealed the different dimensions of who He is. Every time the Israelites (the people whom God called to be His own), saw a dimension of Him, they gave him a name. For instance, in Genesis 22:14, we are introduced to why we call God El-Jireh, ‘The Provider’. “So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.” I also looked at the life of Jesus Christ – the son of God. Yes, I believe Him with all my heart that God sent Him into this world to give us a physical appearance of who He is. Jesus Christ is God in flesh. His coming to the earth a human being was to correct our perception of who God is. Until He came, people thought God was just an angry old man with so many rules that no one can abide by. Jesus came to show us that NO – God is love and He loves us more than we can ever love Him.

Finally, I came to know the existence of God through my own personal experiences. A lot of situations and circumstances happened in my life that the resolutions were only something divinely orchestrated. Which means humanly some of the things I got out of unscathed were not possible. A power greater than me or human power intervened and that’s how I knew that God really exists. I’ve had several encounters and listened to the stories of many people who have had several encounters as well. Even the ones who did not believe that God exists believed that there was a higher force or power at play in their situations, a.ka. God. God exists – He does and I challenge you to at least start reading the bible to find out for yourself. I also pray fervently that He will give you an encounter through which you will come to see Him, His mighty power and everlasting love towards you. As you go through this week, may the Lord bless you and answer any questions about Him that’s boggling your mind.

To be continued next week as God wills….


Lady Abena.