A few weeks ago a very dear friend of mine called me – a bit distraught and in emotional pain. She went on to recount the events and incidents that I had led to her current state and it was quite disheartening. Her feelings and emotions were very valid. Even as the powerful woman in Jesus Christ that she is, she’s allowed to feel the way she did. I smiled when she said, “I had to talk to someone who won’t judge me. With all my knowledge of scripture and prayer. Someone who understands that empowering other women doesn’t mean that the ones doing the empowering do not break sometimes. I know at least you will listen and pray with me as well”.

It was truly an honor that I will forever cherish. I know what she was feeling quite too well; when everyone expects you to be unbreakable but you find yourself in situations where you’re breaking at every turn. That, no matter how well-versed you are in scripture and prayer, the flesh can feel the pain it needs to. That, the people whom you love and cherish, the ones you have sacrificed so much for, will be the ones the devil will use to test your faith and what you profess to others in every shape and form. You will feel betrayed, rejected and abandoned and you even wonder if God is really with you and if He is, why will He allow all this to happen when you’re so busy working His field? The answer is “and why not?” Working God’s field does not exempt us from trials and tribulations. Matter of fact, the devil prides himself when he is able to use your own family members or close friends to test everything you stand for and are trying to accomplish in God’s Kingdom.

As I listened to her, God gave me divine wisdom to share some words with her. We prayed and during the prayers, God gave us insight into how to handle this situation the ‘God way.’ I called her the following day to check up on her. She sounded much better and she even said, “I feel really better just overnight, and to think that I have been feeling like crap all weekend before chatting with you.” I said to her that “God uses the night time to repair us”. She was so psyched about that and said, “whoa, that’s deep. A message on its own”. Honestly, I didn’t even think about what I said, I believe it’s wisdom from God.

Later on I started to think deeply about what I actually said and it is quite true. I think the words God had put in my mouth was a message for me as well. I started to look at so many instances where I went to bed broken, in tears and in pain, only to wake up the following morning renewed and wondering where all the bad feelings had flown to . There is something about the night time that is divinely mysterious. While the bible has a ton to say about night time encounters and even warns that we should be weary of the night time and its terrors, I strongly believe God uses the night time to fix His children. Science has taught us about all the repair work our body goes through when we are asleep, so much so that you will get a cut during the day, bleed a little and go to bed only to wake up and see the wound almost closed up and not burning as much as it did the day before. That is God – He put our entire anatomy together and set laws in place for healing to happen when our bodies are at rest. He also does the same with our minds and our spirits. He needs us WHOLE and as he said in 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. The Apostle Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 6:19 that our body is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, (paraphrased). This means that He God, being Holy and divine cannot dwell in broken and distraught places so wherever His spirit us, the vessel which is your body has to experience freedom. (Paraphrased from 2 Corinthians 3:17). Freedom from any and everything that destroys it, which includes distress.

When you have made God your all in all, though trials and pain may come, He will not sit back and watch them drown you. I can see Him so eager, waiting for you to just stop crying and complaining and close your eyes to take a rest so He can go to work. He performs a heart surgery on you while you’re sleeping, cleans out all your veins and arteries and resets your brain. Since every feeling stems from the brain, He pumps in a new adrenaline that speaks peace and rest to your mind, body and spirit. You will wake up renewed, restored and rejuvenated. Next time you get into a bad and restless place, know that the Holy Spirit is waiting to fix you up. Yes, you’ll wake up feeling better because God uses the night time to repair us.

I pray for you this week, that the spirit of God will fix you up in every area of your life that seems to cause you pain and anguish. Count it to Him to do His work impeccably. May all graces abound for you this week. Amen!


Lady Abena.