Every time I turn on the news something bad is happening. If it’s not some crime, it’s a ‘model couple’ who are divorcing after decades of putting up with each other, or a powerful man of God suddenly transitioning to be with the Lord,….you just name it. There seem to be crises everywhere. Now, these are just the few that are made public for us to see, but, inwardly and individually, there are so many people battling what I call ‘midyear crisis’. Yes, just like the term ‘midlife crisis’. It has the same connotation here – just that this one can be experienced by people at different ages and stages of life, not necessarily in their middle age.

The beginning of the year brings so many good hormones to our hearts, spirit, body and soul. It’s like a reset for most people. It can even feel like a chance to redo life all over again. Almost everyone, whether they write it out, say it out loud or make a mental note – has at least one thing they look forward to or hope to accomplish in the year. New dreams, new hopes, new desires, and even new looks. People hope for better things: career, financial stability, finding life partners, growing spiritually or making some physical changes, etc. It’s part of our makeup as human beings to desire good and new things in our lives. So it’s just natural that when the middle of the year hits, and you take inventory of all the things you hoped to accomplish in the year and realize that you have not even attained one of them, you begin to feel all the negative effects which translates into frustration, remorse, depression and even anxiety. Yes – those are also some of the symptoms associated with midlife crisis.

It’s no surprise that most spiritual leaders engage their flock in midyear revivals, retreats, fasting, etc. to refuel their spirit-man which could be running out of steam and hope. If you have a spiritual leader like that, thank him or her because I personally have found this useful. We draw strength from the Lord and we also draw strength from each other. No man is an island so if you are blessed to be surrounded by such great witnesses, don’t take it for granted. The truth is, the feelings of frustrations and anxieties are real, because many people will end this year the same as last year. It’s a fact we will rather not say out loud or even presume to think – but it is what it is – a fact. Most of us have been praying on the same items or requests for years if not decades, and it can be scary to think that Christmas 2021 will be here soon and possibly situations would not have changed. Some people will even go from bad to worse, especially if they stay in the ‘midyear crisis’ zone. Those negative feelings only make the situation worse and if you don’t counteract them, you cannot overcome them.

Since we live not by the flesh and blood alone, but we also live by the spirit, I believe in the power of God and divine orchestrations. Why? Because I have seen Him move miraculously in my life and so many people that I cannot doubt Him even if I tried to. God can divinely intervene and change ANY situation. Every mountain seems unmovable until God shows up. The midyear crisis might be just what you need to propel you to also make a spiritual change for a better rest of the year. The many times I found myself in that situation, I failed miserably. I was so stuck in the midyear crisis zone so much so that I ended up experiencing everything I was anxious about. Fast forward to now, I’m doing it differently. I engage God and start asking questions only Him of course can answer. You really don’t want to hear my prayers and conversations with God. This is the time where I don’t do pretty prayers. My frustration turns into desperation to seek answers from God as to why things are not happening. The bible is very clear that “His plans for me are good, to prosper me and to give me hope and a future”. (Jeremiah 29:11, paraphrased), that means that He wants me to have my basic needs in life and even more. I also remember His promises to bless me when I obey His commands. He also said He will punish all disobedience when my obedience is complete. So, while I am not perfect, I strive to stay in alignment with His word and what He expects of me. I hope you understand why I go to Him full on, wanting to know what is holding up my blessings? Especially after striving so hard to do the things I need to do. Yes I also read that part that said our “…our good deeds are like filthy rags before the Lord”, (Isaiah 64:6), but, I tell God that “Father, in my flesh and blood, living in a world full of sin, a world that I didn’t ask for to be here and now I have to strive every day to give up its pleasures for the sake of your kingdom, every good deed I’m able to do, please count it worthy”. If I don’t know what it is that I need to pray about, release or annihilate in the spirit, I could spend the rest of my days and years waiting for those blessings to manifest and they might not. Well, I refuse to and I hope you also do – refuse to go through your days and years not seeing your prayers answered.

If you, like many, are experiencing midyear crisis now, do what I do – take it to the Lord in prayer or conversation, in tears or in a fast. Grab a chair and ask Jesus to come and sit on it so you can have a conversation with Him. Don’t be shocked though when He starts to speak to your heart and if your ears are inclined to listen, you might even think someone is speaking to you. It’s usually the Holy Spirit. He might even start to reveal things to you in your dreams and these are all good. When you hear from the Lord on matters concerning your life – it gives you hope and rest. Rest in knowing that God is working for you and maybe it’s not the right time for you to receive what you are desiring but that you will receive it or something better and bigger. Or, rest in knowing that He is empowering you to take down some altars that are impeding His glory to shine in your life. Whatever it is, you will feel much better and grow stronger.

I pray for you – that you will turn this season of crisis into a season of divine push for intimacy with the Lord. Only He can complete the year for you the way you dreamt it and desired in your heart. May the Lord visit you this week as you seek Him in all situations in your life.


Lady Abena.