A few months back there was an online post that I clung to. It read: “People have a lot to say so I watch what they do”. It was so profound and it resonated with me. The other part of it was the appropriate timing of the post. I was battling a confusion in my mind on a few people I know who did the opposite of what they were expressing in words. I used to be one of those people who take people for their word. I guess it’s a character trait of mine to say what I do and mean what I say. If I won’t do it, I won’t say it. What I express in words usually flows out of my actions. Somehow I thought every adult was the same. Well, adulthood has taught me differently.

Words seem so easy to come to some people – but their actions speak louder than their words. If I should frame it differently, integrity is not a stronger suit for many adults. Note I said ‘adults’ because children we know will lie out of fear etc., but when a grown individual, educated, supposedly christian and self-established on top of that has to lie or makeup stuff, I can only wonder why? Now, people have their reasons for saying one thing and doing another but really, there is no justification for it. It creates distrust and I am one person who probably might call you out on it and if I chose not to, then note that if you asked me to meet you at the train station, I’ll be on a flight instead. I don’t see how you can build any relationship, whether it’s personal, business or spiritual with someone who cannot honor his or her word. Imagine if God did that to us? We expect Him to do what He said He will do, but most of the time, we cannot even uphold the things we speak of Him.

I’d like to think and believe that people will be more honest in their dealings with others, but like the quote above, I take my cues from people’s actions instead of their words. This has helped me to really come to certain decisions on how to treat everyone in my life and I hope you’ll take that cue as well. You learn whom to trust and who not to trust, who to share with and who you need to zip it up when they are around you. You also know who you can count on and who you shouldn’t even bother to call for help. Let’s just say I don’t get disappointed much anymore.

I pray the Lord will give you discernment this week as you deal with people in your life to know better who you can keep close and who you leave in the parking lot. May the Goodness and Mercies of God find you this week in all your endeavors.


Lady Abena.