Year 2005 was the first time I started to drive in this country. I was at the age where most people born and raised in the United States were already driving then. If you have been following my life you’d know I wasn’t born and raised here and for most immigrants like myself, it means we come here about 10+ years already behind in so many things. Then you have just a few years to make up that time. I’ll save that conversation for another time as I know you’ll be intrigued to read about my experiences as an immigrant in the United States.

Back to my learning on how to drive – I went to a driving school somewhere in Lanham, MD and one of the many things my teacher taught me when we will go on the road as a student driver was to make a habit of looking into my rear-view mirror every time I’m driving. He said to just make a quick glance as ideally, you have to keep your eyes on the road ahead. I asked him why then to keep looking at my back and he responded that whatever is happening behind you is equally as important or risky to what is in front of you. So, I made it a habit and especially whenever I come to a stop, whether at the traffic light or stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic, I’ll always look behind me through my rear-view mirror. Most often my eyes will come into contact with the driver behind me as he or she for some reason is also looking at me through his front-view mirror. I can share so many stories about the reaction of the people I see in my rear-view mirror; from ones who are putting on their makeup, sometimes a couple arguing, another one looking so depressed and the other looking angry – very rarely did I see people smiling. I’ll usually spend the next few minutes of my trip, trying to figure out what’s possibly going on with the person in my rear-view mirror. I’ll be doing this while now focused on the road ahead. Lately I’ll say a quick prayer for the person when I make eye contact and ask God to bless them or give them an encounter with Him.

Oftentimes I have heard people; mentors, motivational speakers, preachers and etc. say to never look back but look forward all the time. In other words, not to focus on your past or what’s happening or happened behind you. Just focus on the present and the future most will say. Well, I think my driving school teacher had a different message – that whatever is happening behind you is equally as important. I do appreciate the motivation to not dwell or get stuck in the past – but truthfully, anything that did not go right in the past can affect your present and your future and that is where most people get stuck on the past. Many people after hearing such motivational messages are quick to bury the past and try to jump to the future, only to find the past waiting for them in their future. If I should break this down, any situation that is not properly handled, resolved or addressed has the potential to harm your present or future. There are certain situations that for you to be able to move forward in the present or future, you’ll have to go back and undo or untie it from the source. If it was created by human error, it will take a human correction. I have developed a heightened sense of addressing and confronting issues and situations that happened or are happening behind me and I’d like to share that most of the breakthroughs and victories I am seeing is because I was able to trace things to the source and UNDO from that end. I really challenge you to do the same. Some of the questions we have been asking God have answers buried somewhere in the past. Undoing the past is not always a pretty thing but it can yield greater results and set you free for life.

As you surge on in life, you cannot just keep your eyes on the road ahead without taking a look at the rear-view mirror from time to time. Some of the things you’ll see in the rearview mirror will cause you to make a change in your route for the future. Some will also give you confidence that you’re driving on the right path so keep going. My rear view mirror keeps me on track for my journey ahead and I pray you’ll look at yours regularly as well.

May the Goodness and Mercies of God find you this week in all your endeavors.


Lady Abena.