Let’s get back to the Life Practices which I’ve been sharing for the past few weeks. To right a wrong is not a very popular thing for many of us because our human nature is inherent with pride and ego. We are very prone to creating offenses and injustices. Ignorance, disobedience, pride, immaturity, even spiritual manipulation, etc. can make us the offenders.

Just a few days ago, my mom and I were discussing offenses and people who have done some wrongs even towards us and I shared something which she said was very profound. What I shared was that, a lot of times when people cause others pain and grief in life, and then they come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, they are completely forgiven of all their sins and past crimes. Sometimes it looks as if they got away with hurting people and then ran to Jesus Christ and it’s all ‘kumbaya’ for them, but, until they make peace with the person who was the recipient of their atrocity and pain, it doesn’t matter where you stand with God, that bad experience you gave to someone can place a legal hold on your life. You’re free but not free. You’re free with God but not free with men.

That is how most prisoners feel – they are remorseful, repentant and even reformed from their wrong actions, yet, they will serve out their term unless the victim’s family agrees to an early pardon. They are free and forgiven by God but still in prison. In Genesis 4:10 AMP, the blood of Abel was crying out from the ground, asking for justice and vindication. Our voices are not silenced even in death, how much more when the person is alive and breathing? Every time they call your name for being the cause of their pain and speak negatively, they are reinforcing and reminding every force on earth, clean or unclean, of their legal right to place a hold on you. Words have so much power and we are all victims or victors of the words spoken for or against our lives.

God forgives you 100% but there are consequences to every action. So, while you make your peace with God, never forget to make peace with people as well – especially anyone that you know you have wronged or caused them pain. Don’t forget that Satan’s other name is “The Accuser” and even he has a legal voice in the judicial system of God. What God has forgiven you, Satan can use that as a hold to still cause you harm. It is the same God that said in the bible that He will remember the sins of the Fathers, even to the 4th generation. What doesn’t get resolved with you can affect your descendants somehow so make peace with people while you still can and while you are still breathing. A time might come and you will not have the chance to. “I am sorry, forgive me” can cease wars and bring peace to your life and others’. It doesn’t take away your value, matter of fact, it increases your value as a person. That you’re strong but humble enough to recognize when you err.

I pray for you this week that as you approach Valentine’s Day, you will find courage in your heart to reach out to anyone you need to make peace with and humbly ask them to forgive you. You would have done your part and then leave the rest to God.


Lady Abena