Leviticus 6:12(A) AMP
“The fire on the altar shall be kept burning; it shall not [be allowed to] go out.”

This scripture is a reminder that our altar of prayer and sacrifice should always be kept alive. Prayer is a major sacrifice, but it is also a sacrifice that God does not ignore. An effective prayer altar deters evil against your life and household. A life of prayer will enable you to command total victory in every area of your life. The arrows that fly by day and by night will evade you.

I heard a man once say that no matter how insane a person is, he or she will never enter a burning house. I thought it was hilarious but thinking deeply about that comment, he was quite right. Prayer will keep them away. Prayer will keep you aligned in the will of God. Prayerlessness can derail your destiny and that’s why the enemy ensures that you and I will have every excuse to not pray.

I challenge you this week to start a life of prayer if you do not have one. Limit the distractions – social media, unnecessary conversations and phone calls, and spend time talking to God. Your victory in life is in your prayer and don’t let anyone cheat you out of it.


Lady Abena.