Oh what a day to celebrate our mothers! The women who nurtured us into becoming a better version of themselves. Today is definitely a joyous day and please permit me to share some thoughts. I look forward to an extensive series on motherhood someday soon on this blog that I know will bless you.

Motherhood definitely has its perks and blessings but it also has its headaches and nightmares. Once you join the motherhood line, worry becomes your friend for life. I even worry about worrying when it comes to my child. If you’re with me on this please say Amen! He could be having the best time of his life and I’m just worried about him breaking his neck off that couch he’s happily somersaulting from. Motherhood comes with tears and pain but also the most beautiful moments you’ll ever experience. Genuine, unconditional love from a child, even as undeserving as it feels sometimes, will keep you going in life especially during hard times. On some of my toughest days, my toddler will wrap his hands around me, tap my back and tell me, “you’ll be fine mommy. I love you.”His latest thing now is holding my hand and kissing the back of it and smiling so happily. I have come to understand why Jesus said you have to be like a child to inherit the kingdom of God. No malice, so forgiving, unconditional love and just pure in spirit.

To all mothers who have given their all for their children, it will not be in vain and may the Lord reward you greatly. I know I could not have made it here without my mother. She’s everything to me and my son. To any woman desiring to be a mother, according to the time of life, may the Lord see your heart and honor you with a healthy child. AMEN.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Lady Abena.