I remember growing up, the rule was to ensure that anytime you are drinking tea, there’s also bread with it. Where I come from, it’s a go to meal usually for breakfast and some people like my dear mom needs to have ‘Tea and Bread” before going to bed. Whatever you do, please don’t ask me why because I used to do it as well. “Tea and Bread” is regarded as your daily sustenance and for most of us, we go to God asking for it daily. It seems like an easier meal to get your hands on which can give your stomach a great fill and satisfaction.

The revelation about asking God for our “Tea and Bread” comes from Matthew 6:11 AMP, Give us this day our daily bread.” The COVID season was a tough one for me as I found my resources depleting because of the halt on business that this pandemic had created. I was praying to God for even basic things and fear began to grip me at some point – wondering if God will come through quick enough. It was in this place of prayer that I felt the Holy Spirit telling me not to come in prayer asking for “Tea and Bread”. I was confused and felt God was being unfair to me because there were people who will testify of how God gave them their “Tea and Bread” and I thought to myself, why won’t you give me mine too?

Well, the revelation that ensued is what changed my life – God didn’t want me asking for “Tea and Bread” but instead, to ask Him to show me where the field is, give me the seeds of wheat to plant, hire workers who will cultivate the land, build a bakery and produce my own “Tea and Bread” that will never run out. That’s it! When I caught that revelation, I got to work just as He had outlined and I know now for a fact that my “Tea and Bread” will never run out again.

If you’re wondering why God hasn’t brought you your “Tea and Bread”, He wants to create something in your life that will make you the producer of the “Tea and Bread” so that you can be a blessing to many. Ask Him this week to direct you to the field and give you the seed and resources you need to get started. He will not fail you!