I cannot even believe I’m writing this but I’ve been led in my spirit to. The last few weeks have been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting for me. Yes, I know about balance but there comes a time in your life when everything seems to be happening at the same time and you find yourself in the middle of it and trying to capture it all without missing anything. One day this week I walked up to the giant tree in my backyard which had a hole created by the squirrels (their home). I saw them busily running in and out taking their food in there and I badly wanted to give them my cell phone to keep it. When that thought came to mind, I knew it was time to disconnect – mentally and physically. Truth is, my life doesn’t permit me to disconnect from everyone and everything and I didn’t also like the fact that I will be putting a pause on even the ministrations I have to do for God’s kingdom. 

Come Friday night I knew I had just had it – I told God, “help me” because I don’t want to crash. Later that night, I heard a phrase in my ear “quality, not quantity”. Immediately I knew it was the Holy Spirit giving me an answer to my cry for “help me”. The whole of yesterday (Saturday) I could hear it being repeated to me over and over. I woke up this morning, looked at all my text messages, emails and I started making a list of what to let go. Will I lose some people and some money? Absolutely yes but, I chose to be mentally, physically and emotionally rested so I can be more efficient and useful to God and my family, especially my son. 

I know people get antsy and worried when you go quiet especially on social media but hey, I need the break to hibernate and clean house and certain things on my schedule, commitments, etc. I need to totally whole, hearty and hale. I’ve turned down so many invitations this summer than I can count and it’s OK with me. As long as I am alive and well, there will be other days and other opportunities to take these on.

To everyone who’s feeling overwhelmed with all the good things happening and feeling like you have to do it all, NOPE – discern and choose quality over quantity. It’s not the many people or the many opportunities, it’s the quality of people and quality opportunities. 

Be blessed this week and find your peace and quiet. 


Lady Abena.