In Matthew 9:14-17 AMP, the disciples of John the Baptist had noticed that Jesus’ disciples were not doing the religious fasts and Jesus took the time to educate them on why His disciples didn’t fast. The 17th verse reads, “Nor is new wine put into old [b]wineskins [that have lost their elasticity]; otherwise the wineskins burst, and the [fermenting] wine spills and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, so both are preserved.” Jesus was alluding to the fact that He (Jesus Christ) was here to do something totally different and new so if they were trying to make sense of the NEW things that were happening, through a lens of old expectations and processes, then they were going to miss the wondrous things that were happening.

I’ve been ruminating over this scripture for the past week and making some personal analogies. If God is doing a NEW THING in our lives, then we cannot enter the NEW with our old self, mindsets and processes. The old has a way of corrupting the new. It dwindles your expectations and causes you to miss out on what God is doing. Imagine if you have experienced failure in an area of your life for a long time and suddenly the power of God comes in and the situation changes. With glee you jump into the new found success but if the old mindset that is used to failure is not renewed and transformed, you will be operating in a successful atmosphere with a failed mindset. It won’t be long before you fail again.

Are you stepping into your NEW with your old self or a transformed man?


Lady Abena.