Jesus has been doing a lot with my life lately and today, Wednesday November 17, 2021, I hit a milestone with Jesus! I am sharing this testimony to bless and encourage you. Today, I earned my badge on YouVersion for completing 200 devotional plans! Glory be to the Lord Jesus.
I downloaded the YouVersion Bible App in 2016, just for convenience. I never used it. Then, sometime in 2018, my world started to crumble and God was nudging me to read some devotionals to encourage me. It was really hard. I was too busy and any time I tried, Satan found a way instill laziness in me. I will either dose off or keep procrastinating. From June 2018 to July 2020, I had only completed 20 devotional plans on YouVersion.
Then on October 19, 2020, God divinely connected me with an amazing friend. This man had everything going for him, Ivy league education, Wall Street mogul, you name it. Yet, he was so humble and loved Jesus so openly and publicly it was unseen and unheard of for a man his caliber in the profession he was in. He encouraged me and started to share devotional plans with me. I will come up with all kinds of excuses and will tell him I don’t have time in my day. He responded that if he can make time with his extremely busy schedule then I definitely had no excuses and he was right. He even went further as to call me every evening for over 2 hours daily just to discuss my devotionals with me. He won’t let me give excuses or run away from it. It was like he was on a mission to ensure that I get hooked on to studying the word of God and soaking up in devotionals. He was waiting to get his vaccine and come down to Washington, DC so that we can visit the Bible museum and do some research on scriptures. I was looking forward to it and very grateful that he sacrificed his time daily just for me.
Then on December 19, 2020, exactly 60 days after we became friends, he tragically passed away in an accident. I was shattered, confused and angry at God. I told God He was really unfair to let this tragedy happen to such a good man. Even worse that He will allow me to develop such a bond with him and then like a dream, he’s gone. I’ve been asking God for an answer as to why He brought me such a great friend and let him leave the world in exactly 60 days.
Last night, when I was alerted by the YouVersion Bible App that I will be hitting a milestone of 200 completed devotional plans, I got so emotional 😭 and then the Lord reminded me, this is what He brought that friend in my life to accomplish. His ministry was only 60 days in my life. To ignite a fire🔥 in me to study the word of God with such passion and discipline. To the glory of God, I have competed 181 Devotional plans from October 2020 to today, November 17, 2021. This is what God can do with someone like me. There have been days I’d be up about 2am just catching up on my devotionals. So many days I was tired, exhausted and sleepy but I refused to give up. I’ve become addicted to studying the word of God and now I can’t stop.
I am sharing this to encourage you that the Word of God will lead you. His Word will direct you and guard all your decisions if you let Him. His word has transformed me, empowered me, changed my character and made me humble.  Allow the Word of God to give you Wisdom and Counsel. Let it become the bedrock and foundation of your heart. AMEN!
Lady Abena.