Dear Unbeliever, 

Welcome to Letter Seven (7) and also the last day in October 2021. I am so glad that you have stayed with me through my series of letters so far. I’d like to encourage you to read from the beginning and I know you will be blessed. Today I will take a chance to clarify a really big concern: why we (Christian Believers) make noise about someone called the Holy Spirit. Some of us even speak and pray in weird languages called Tongues. I know how funny you think we sound and I also know you think we might be losing some screws in our heads to be speaking stuff we don’t even understand. 

Well, the Holy Spirit is the Third person in the Trinity – Trinity simply means that God is a Three person in One. Some people call it the Godhead; God relating to us as the Father, God relating to us in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, and God relating to us in the form of the Holy Spirit. We all are spiritual beings dwelling in a vessel called the body (a material made up of flesh and blood). When our spirits separate from our bodies, we call it death. Your body dies but your spirit lives on so if you believe there is a ghost and you like to even dress up like one on Halloween, why do you not believe then that there is a Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God himself, manifesting through us. Matter of fact, we cannot see Him with our carnal eyes but when God grants you the grace to see in the spirit, you will be able to see Him. We also see Him in our visions and dreams in various forms. The traits of a ‘PERSON’ are that you have individuality, identity, knowledge, feelings and a will. So does the Holy Spirit. 

He acts like a person, He is treated as a person and He has the ministry of a person. In 1 Corinthians 2:10-11, you will see the thinking ability of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:27 further reveals that the Holy Spirit has a mind. In Isaiah 63:10, you will see how the Holy Spirit can be grieved. Yes we can grieve the spirit of God and unconsciously, we do it daily. 1 Corinthians 12:11 reveals the ability of the Holy Spirit to choose according to His own will. The Holy Spirit even teaches us (1 Corinthians 2:13) and the Holy Spirit also comforts us (John 16:7). Oh, there are so many characteristics of the Holy Spirit and because He is a person, He reveals different dimensions of Himself as you continue to fellowship with Him. This walk with God is a journey of building and investing into the relationship. Even in our earthly/human relations, we get more from a person, get to know them better when we invest and grow the relationship. It is the same with God and His Spirit – a.k.a, the Holy Spirit. 

If you do a google search on “The Holy Spirit ”, you will find several articles and blogs on it. I’ll say that each one of them was written from the writer’s encounter and most of them backed their articles with scriptures. So, let me spare you another long article on it. However, I’d like to share my own experience with the Holy Spirit to encourage you that He is REAL! For a long time I didn’t speak in a ‘heavenly language’, which is commonly known as ‘Tongues’. In the book of Acts chapter 2, we are first introduced to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit – which gave people a different language from their native or known language. Based on this scripture, many Christians have associated the Holy Spirit with only when you are able to speak in Tongues. That entirely is not true – there are many people who have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit but do not speak in Tongues. My experience happened sometime in 2017. I’m not sure about the exact month but I remember that I was visiting an older lady friend of mine and as we were praying, I noticed that my mind was forcing me to utter the prayer in a different language. I speak about Five (5) African languages but none of them was rolling on my tongue. Somehow I started to just utter whatever was coming to mind and it sounded very gibberish to me but I prayed it out loud all the same. After the prayer, I told myself to not pray like that again. So I became very conscious of it and will try to keep quiet every time I feel like I’m uttering my prayer in that language. Then in early 2020, I experienced a dramatic change in my Christian life. I had been seeking the face of God for a while through intense prayer and fasting and like a gushing flood of water, the utterance came back again with such a force and power that I couldn’t suppress it anymore. I noticed it began to change to other languages and the intensity was different. 

Then one day, as I was pacing back and forth in my home praying, (FYI – my home is my ‘Tziyon’ and the entire house is my altar of prayer) I asked God, how can I know you’re here with me? Can you please let me just see you? Then He responded to me (it weird me out at first, it was as if someone was speaking directly into my ears and I was alone in that house. It was as clear and distinct) every time you (Abena) call me, “Spirit of the living God” I respond back to you by giving you that cold sensation in the right side of your head. Sometimes I wrap it all around your head”. Whaaattt! So that sensation that I had been feeling for some months now was Him making me aware of His presence and response and I had no clue but rather spending my time trying to find out why I felt that sensation every time I was in prayer mode?  Wow! I had even concluded that it might have been the different temperatures outside but that didn’t affect my body and the inside temperatures of my home. After this encounter, I became more conscious of this sensation and wanted to really verify that what I heard was true. So, I just call, “Spirit of the Living God” and immediately the sensation will run through my head again. I started to pray on my morning walks in the neighborhood and even in the heat of summer under the scorching sun, every time I made the call, the cold sensation would come again. I tried it even in the grocery stores and it came to me again. I’ll call on Him when I’m driving and in my car, I’ll feel that sensation. I’m so glad He was patient with me because I was worse than Gideon in the bible, asking for my instances and signs to really confirm what He, God, has already confirmed with me. I used to be very doubtful you know so He knew my kind of heart that He had to re-confirm it multiple times in different ways for me to believe. I kept doing this at every new place I found myself and He responded. I was finally convinced He was with me everywhere I went and that honestly made me more conscious of my environment and my behavior. I truly enjoy having Him in my life and I will gladly give up anyone and anything that will make God take His Holy Spirit from me. Just so you know, I do not advise anyone to create a doctrine out of people’s encounters because God deals with everyone differently. I have by His grace and mercy seen different dimensions of the Holy Spirit. I have seen Him in figure a few times because I begged Him to show Himself to me so much that I think He might have been tired of hearing me ask/nag Him, so He gave me a few glimpses of Himself. Those were moments I cherish and value in my walk with Him forever.

Can I also assure you that if you do not believe in God, it is the Holy Spirit who will convict you in your mind and heart to come to Christ? No amount of words or stories I share with you can draw you to Christ unless He steps in. So I pray for you, and I ask that the Spirit of God, will come into your home and your life and give you an encounter that will make you believe in Him and in God. Above everything, may He reveal to you that He is there with you always. As you go about this week, may you see God in any and everything you do, may the Holy Spirit direct you and lead you away from all evil. May the Spirit of God open doors for you that no man can shut. May you soar in all your endeavors. AMEN! Next week we will have our declarations for November, so, we will continue to Letter 8 the following week. Be blessed!

To be continued…


Lady Abena.