In the book of 1 Samuel chapters 9, 10 and 11, we are introduced to the story of how God asked the prophet Samuel to anoint and coronate Saul, the son of Kish from the tribe of Benjamin to become the first monarch over His people – Israel. Saul’s father had lost his donkeys so he had sent him (Saul) with a servant to go and look for the donkeys. It was during this time that God led him to prophet Samuel whom the Lord had already spoken to him regarding Saul. In 1 Samuel 9:21 CJB, Saul, understanding the mantle that God was putting on him, made a profound statement which will be the basis for this blog piece:

“Sha’ul replied, “I’m only a man from Binyamin, the smallest tribe in Isra’el; and my family is the least important of all the families in the tribe of Binyamin! Why are you saying such a thing to me?”. 

Saul was reminding God through prophet Samuel that by virtue of earthly qualifications, he is not fit to be a King. His own vision of himself, his calibre and all does not even align with Kingship. I mean the guy was chasing after lost donkeys so go figure. Kings came from royal seeds, men of valor and power, warriors who could take on nations, etc. It was no surprise that even when Prophet Samuel anointed him, there were still some Jews who refused to accept him as their king and would not pay respect to him or give him gifts. 

Honestly this has been the story of most men and women and I am here to remind you that where you are today or how small your vision of yourself is does not mean that is what God sees in you. Your reality is not a limitation to God’s manifestation in your life. God takes the ordinary to do extraordinary things. All through the bible – He empowered men who didn’t qualify or had some defect to become tools for the manifestation of His power and glory. I tried to cast my mind around all the great men who have done extraordinary things in life and none of them came from greatness. From Bill Gates to Bezos, Steve Jobs et al, these were men who started from nowhere and now they control the wealth of over 7+ billion humans. Some of them even barely made it through college but see where God has allowed them to be. Reality can limit our vision and that is why it is important for us believers to know what God has spoken over our lives. Saul thought chasing donkeys was his call when God created him to be a King over his own people. When he called him to be king, He (God) gave Saul a new heart and poured His spirit on him to be able to fulfill the assignment. 

There is nothing God cannot do with your life. Your destiny is not tied to your place of birth, your location or even the family you come from. What you need to do is start prophesying to yourself everything you desire to become, including the ones God has revealed to you through visions and dreams. Your reality will not add up if you try to do the math but HE IS GOD – He owns everything in the world including the means and strategies to lift you to where He wants you to be. Stay in alignment and expectation and develop yourself and your capacity while you wait for His manifestation. It will not be by might, nor by any power that we will prevail in this kingdom. It is just by the Spirit of God, His mercy and His Compassion. He is the lifter of men! Believe that because I am a living testament of this.

I pray for you this week – that if you have been lost in the wilderness chasing after donkeys, may the Lord align you with His vision of you and call you to your place of Kingship. May the Lord align you with the people who will anoint and propel you into your destiny. May the Lord give you a spirit of discernment to be able to discern who your helpers of destiny are when He sends them your way. May He give you the grace to endure and the spirit of wisdom to guide you through. May the Lord give you a new heart and pour His spirit on you to enable you to fulfill your destiny. In Jesus’ name – AMEN!


Lady Abena.