In Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34 and Luke 8:43-48, there’s a story of a woman who had suffered hemorrhaging for over 12 years. With faith, she touched the fringes of Jesus’ garment as He was on His way to Jairus’ house to heal his sick daughter. Yesterday the Lord gave me an opportunity to share this woman’s story on our weekly broadcast called “Woman To Woman”. The Holy Spirit did something beautiful during the ministration. When I got to the part Jesus had stopped and asked the crowd who touched Him and waited for the woman to come out and He blessed her for her HEALING FAITH – the Holy Spirit spoke to me and elaborated more on that part – that Jesus didn’t just call her out to confirm her faith but it was really to restore her dignity, honor and bring her out of her hiding place. That really wasn’t in my notes and during my reading and preparation for the broadcast that never crossed my mind either. I love the Holy Spirit and how He downloads stuff into my heart, mind and ears when I am ministering.

Everything we learned about this woman was that she was ostracized from her society because she had an unclean disease. Bleeding from a woman at the time was treated almost like leprosy. It really was that serious and I urge you to listen to the broadcast here The Woman With The Issue of Blood. Jesus really could have just walked on because He being God knew who exactly had touched Him. Ignoring that woman would have meant confirming that how the society at the time treated her was acceptable but He refuted that by calling her out in front of the thousands of people that she had been hiding from for over 12 years. Then He honored her and restored her back into society. This is what happens when Jesus Heals you. He restores everything else that was broken in your life. He doesn’t just heal – He brings fullness and wholeness to your life.

In whatever area of your life that you are trusting the Lord for healing, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, trust that He will heal you completely and perfect everything else that concerns you. As you walk into this new week – know and believe with all your being that EL-RAPPHA, the Lord our Healer is restoring everything that concerns your life in His mighty name! Amen!


Lady Abena.