A couple of weeks ago I spoke at the Girls Conference and on the second day of the conference, I had an open discussion with the girls – answering their questions and I must say that it was eye opening for me. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, He directed me to answer each question as He wanted me to. One of the questions from the girls that stuck with me was whether God hated people who are homosexuals. She was asking because she is in High School and there have been loads of discussions surrounding gender issues and based on her faith as a Christian girl, it has been impressed on her that God hates homosexuals. I must say that I did not expect that question but I thank God for His wisdom to have answered this young lady and the almost 200 people who were present.

God DOES NOT hate anyone. The bible is clear in Genesis 1:37 (NIV), that “God saw ALL that he had made, and it was very good…”. This to me means that God cannot possibly hate anything He has created including us human beings. Further in Genesis 6, we learn of the SINS of men that the bible reports: “The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled”. The bible further describes the holiness of God – He cannot dwell among sin. That said, anything that He had commanded us humans not to do that we engage in is sin before Him and that separates us from Him. God hates sin, He doesn’t hate the human beings He created but the sins we engage in. Sin separates us from God so when it looks as if God is angry at someone or some nation, it’s because He has separated Himself from them because of the sins that are being committed. It is important to note that Jesus’ ultimate desire is that everyone will come to repentance. Which means that even in our sins, he is mercifully waiting for us to turn back to Him and follow His ways.

If you’ve ever had the same question or thought somehow that God hates you for whatever reason, be assured in your heart and spirit that He loves you more than your earthly parents ever can and He’s waiting for you to come to repentance and Holiness and walk in His ways.

May you walk in peace knowing that God loves you and desires to dwell in your heart always.


Lady Abena.