I am very sure you’ve heard this saying that “if you do not like something, change it.” It is a great charge but also a tough one to follow. I don’t know what happens to me but when people are talking about challenges or complaining about situations, the Holy Spirit is speaking to me silently about solutions and how to overcome them.

In all honesty, I think a lot of people like to speak and complain about situations, yet, when you give them the solutions, they do not even make an attempt to try to change it. They will circle back weeks or months later complaining about the same situation and still not taking the steps to change it for the better. These kinds of people are the worst to have in your life or organizations because they will stagnate your progress. I have purported in my heart that any situation that is not favorable to me or progresses my life, I have to change it for the better.

In Matthew 25:14-30, a parable is told about Three individuals who received talents and when the master came back, one of them did nothing with the talent he was given but instead complained about the master and tried to justify why he made no progress with the talent. The master, Jesus, was very angry with him because there was a solution to the problem he cited. He could have kept his talent in the bank where it can grow but instead, he chose to keep the talent and still stay in the situation he has created in his mind. Here’s my life nugget for you, be a solution-driven person, one that solves problems instead of exacerbating problems/challenges. Whatever you do not like in or around your life, look for ways to change it. No one will do it for you unless you make that move and when you make a move in the right direction, the Lord will bring the people and resources you need to make a change.

I pray for you this week that the Lord will empower you to change the things you do not like. I pray that the rest of your life on earth will be filled with wisdom and the ability to take dominion over the things that seem like a burden over you. I declare it is so and so it is in Jesus name. AMEN!


Lady Abena.