I mentioned in my blog last week that I’ll be sharing some life practices that have helped me greatly and continue to be a blessing to me. In my son’s words, “sharing is caring mommy.” Consider this “Life Practice Number One” pursuing good knowledge. Do you know that for most people, since they graduated from school, they have not picked up any book to read? Very few people are committed to reading and we have become victims of this generation who would rather scroll through pictures or watch short clips on social media than pick up a book or an article to read. Thanks to technology, we now have digital books, audio and other formats. I mentioned “Good Knowledge” because whatever book or information you choose to invest your time in must be something that edifies you and progresses your life somehow.

Reading requires that you carve out time in your busy day to make it happen. For the average person, working and taking care of families and other commitments, it’s almost impossible to make out that time. Here’s what I committed to, 30 minutes every night to read a chapter of a book. I also spend another hour reading the scriptures and praying before I sleep. I canceled my cable television subscription about 3 years ago because I had gone for a whole year without watching a single show on TV. I spend that time on reading a life-building book and studying the bible. It’s a huge sacrifice I’ve had to make but to be honest with you, it has paid off for me greatly. I’ve seen growth in every area of my life and I don’t intend to stop this life practice until the day I die.

The bible even cautions that “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”, (Hosea 4:6(a)). So, in everything you chase in life, be sure to chase knowledge so you are empowered in your decision making. Find that 30 minutes each day to read and yes, you might need to reduce your social media time or frivolous conversations or gossip with people but it’s worth it. Our lives and destinies are so precious and we cannot leave it to chance.

I pray for you this week that you will receive the grace to make time to pursue good knowledge so you can accomplish everything you set your mind to. AMEN!


Lady Abena.