Isaiah 43:19(b) NKJV
“…I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.”

I have not been to any desert land yet, but for everything that I have read about desert landscapes, water is a very scarce resource to come by. I read about Hagar wandering in the desert of Beersheba with her young son Ishmael, running out of food and water and almost dying until the angel of the Lord intervened by showing her a well of water which gave them back their lives. (Genesis 21:1-19 paraphrased). “Water is life” they say, and anything that gives life has the same propensity to take it away when there’s a lack of it.

This journey called LIFE sometimes can feel like the desert of Beersheba – dry, patchy and hopeless like Hagar felt. I’ve been through similar experiences several times when you just lay down to sleep thinking you will open your eyes and you’d have crossed over to the other side but, God, who is the author and finisher steps in to remind you that He still has a plan for your life so get up and drink some water because the journey ahead is long. Isaiah 43:19b is God’s reassurance to you and I that in those moments when life looks so bleak with desert sandstorms, He is creating a new life in the midst of the dryness. Be encouraged, wipe off the dust from the desert sands and see the river that He has created for you.

Lady Abena.