2023 has been a year that has challenged my mental and emotional capacity at every turn. I kid you not that so many times this year I have hit breaking points in my life. Only my shower stall and pillow can bear witness. My shower because that’s where I scream and let out my cries and pain to God, and my pillow because it knows everything that is boiling inside my head. I’ve had to confront past experiences, most of which were very traumatic in nature. When you’re forced to take an inventory of your life or tell your stories that you’d rather not tell, which I have done a lot of this year, you’ll either be happy or angry. Whatever the result, you’ll be forced to make a change. Some of these changes can be so major and some minor. Irrespective of it, change is necessary and needed.

I’m one who is growing in my intimacy with Christ daily. God’s healing comes in different forms. Believers somehow think that like a wind, the Holy Spirit will wipe out all your experiences and you become this brand new person. If you’ve been told that’s how it works, I’m here to tell you something different. You’ll have to dive into the mud so Christ can bring you out as gold. Healing for most people is a journey, filled with pain, joy, forgiveness and self-awareness. For others, it’s an instant game but, if you don’t fix the source that created the issues, they have a way to grow back into your life again. What God does is, He perfects everything that concerns you and that is not an overnight agenda because those experiences did not happen overnight. He transforms your mind, your heart, opens your spirit to see what you did not know and then gives you wisdom to make the right choices to correct the situations.

I was speaking with my best friend today and she shared something so profound that the Holy Spirit had told her this week. She was so frustrated with a situation involving an individual and the Holy Spirit told her that “the person you’re dealing with is operating from the place where he or she currently is”. In other words, when you know better and someone is acting or treating you from a low place, it means that is exactly where they are in life – a low place. You have a tough decision to make, either you bring yourself to their level to make them happy, try to make them see things your way which could result in an escalated conflict, or set your boundaries and protect yourself and your space. You have to love God, He always brings perspective which helps you to make the right decisions.

My question for you this week is where are you operating from? Are you adding value to people’s lives or taking away from them? Are you asking God what your assignment is in the life of anyone you associate with or you’re just treating that person from the place where you currently are in life? My desire in this season of my life is to pursue God’s heart, experience that peace which transcends all human understanding, fulfill my God-given purpose on earth and be a blessed and favored vessel that the Lord can use to bless His kingdom. If that is also your desire, then declare with me that it is so and so it is in JESUS’ name. AMEN!


Lady Abena.