We know from Genesis 13:2 that Abraham was very wealthy in livestock, silver and in gold. In Genesis 25, we learn of Abraham’s death and how he had given gifts to his other son’s but left everything he owned to Isaac. Isaac did not just inherit things from his father Abraham but also his anointing and blessing. In Genesis 25:11, God will activate that blessing on Isaac’s life right after the death of Abraham.
The Blessing was so powerful that Isaac will sow in a time of famine and still reap a hundredfold in the same year, because the LORD blessed him. Isaac became so rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. Even the Philistines envied him. (Genesis 26:12-17, paraphrased).

Isaac in later chapters will also transfer the Blessing unto his son Jacob and we will see how Jacob became so prosperous, building an entire nation called Israel. It is important to note that the office of a Father is one that comes with a special blessing. I learned that during the Shabbat dinner on Fridays, the Jewish Fathers will pray and invoke blessings on their children. This is powerful and a practice that every Father, on this Father’s Day, should commit to. Speak life into your children, speak blessings into your children and even the blessings you do not have, pray for them to carry it.

I wish every Father out there a Happy Father’s Day and may your blessings be poured into the lives of your descendants. AMEN!


Lady Abena.