In the book of Judges when you read from verse Six (6) onwards, you will encounter a man called Gideon. Yes, I’d like for you to pause here, read all about him and continue this blog :). Great, thank you for sparing me the summary of Gideon and hey, you got to read the Bible at least. Go on and check it off your to-do list for today.

Anytime I read about him, I am fascinated by so many things including the fact that He had a strength like no other in him but didn’t even know it. How he asked God to prove Himself at least Three (3) times and I see the patience of God in trying to convince Gideon that He is with Him and will use Him to do what no one can do. Gideon’s confidence and self-awareness after he defeated the Midianites and how he chased down Zebah and Zalmunna and finished them even when the other townsmen doubted he could.

Truth is, most of us are Gideons – we have so much in us but we cannot even see it. The Lord has placed greatness in our bowels and He is waiting for us to step into our manifestation but we are too afraid to come forth. Maybe it’s time to ask God to show us a sign to confirm that He is really with us. Don’t be afraid to ask Him because like Gideon, He desires to give you the confirmation you need to do what He has purposed for your life.

I pray that this will be the week for your confirmation so you can step into your greatness. I decree it is so and so it is in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Lady Abena.