I don’t remember exactly the first time I heard a scripture from the book of Ecclesiastes, but, within the last couple of years, I’ve had a chance to read the bible from cover to back, twice, and now in my third year reading it again. It was during these studies that I became intrigued about the book of Ecclesiastes. I’ve also looked at a few commentaries and debates as to whether King Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes or some unknown author. However, the opening of the book says “These are the words of the Teacher,[a] King David’s son, who ruled in Jerusalem”. Even as you read all Twelve (12) chapters, there are so many references that point to King Solomon. I personally believe that King Solomon had a lot of influence on the book of Ecclesiastes.

What’s important is, while I love the book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes on the other hand gives me a reality check. I kid you not, if you haven’t studied it yet, then embark on this journey with me in the weeks ahead. I’ll be sharing with you various scriptures in the book of Ecclesiastes that you and I can chat about and see how real it gets. It will open your mind, your heart and perception. Matter of fact, it will bring you a resolve to many of the life questions and things you struggle with.

Just to share something funny with you, in the last few days, my closest friends have been wondering what’s up with me because anytime they bring up an issue, I quote Ecclesiastes and they fall off their backs laughing. I know they think it’s funny but they also know it’s real. To the point where now, when I ask them “should I read something in Ecclesiastes for you”, they’ll quickly beg to say “NO, we’ve heard you read it all”. (Laughing hard).

Well, since you have not heard me read it all, here’s your chance to indulge me as we face our realities this year and overcome them. Some bible versions call the author of Ecclesiastes, “The Preacher”, and others call him “The Teacher”. I like to reference him as “The Teacher” because boy does he teach us about life.

Welcome again and thank you for joining me on this intriguing journey with “The Teacher” every week. You’ll be greatly blessed.


Lady Abena.