He’s Out Of Data

Let me just share with you that the last few weeks have been filled with one battle after another, not directly towards me but towards people who are close and dear to me. As you will expect, if it happens to one, it happens to all of us so we (my family and friends) were engaged in fervent prayers. Just when I thought we have received some breakthroughs and getting a break from Satan, he unleashed his worst on a friend who resides in the United Kingdom. This friend is closer to me than a brother and I cherish him so much that I was so broken by the occurrence. Like Jeremiah, I cried on behalf of my friend to the Lord that “God, you have deceived me”. Jeremiah 20:7.

I can’t share exactly what happened to my friend but it was what he did after the unfortunate incident that will resonate with me for the rest of my Christian journey on earth. He stepped out of that incident and went to minister to God’s people as if nothing had happened to him. I was angry in my spirit on his behalf, but here he was doing God’s work amidst his pain and sadness. This increased my faith in God and gave me a new level of respect for my friend. I was sharing the story with my mom about what had happened to him. It was what she said that has stuck with me the last few days. She said “Satan has run out of data. He has lost all his credit so he’s desperate. If this was the worst he could pull on God’s children, he (Satan) has definitely hit his end and victory is the Lord’s.”

In Africa, almost everyone has a mobile phone and unlike the developed countries, having a contract line with a phone company is not common practice where we come from. The majority is on prepaid phones and from time to time, they have to buy airtime and data to keep the lines open. If you don’t have airtime or data on your phone, you can’t communicate or execute your affairs. This was the analogy my mom was making in relation to the fact that the devil has literally maxed out on his stunts at this point and doesn’t know what to do with God’s children anymore.

I don’t know how many stunts the enemy has pulled over you in this season but hear me clearly – his time is up and your victory is here. If all these evil occurrences did not take us out, please know that the Lord has prevailed. I encourage you to pray with Jeremiah 20-7-18 AMP. Our God is surely with us as a dread Champion. Fear not! AMEN!


Lady Abena.