Whew! It’s the month of May already? I am not sure if I’m alone on this one but it looks like everytime I blink, the week is over and we are starting a new one. Christmas will be here before we all know it. It also feels like this pandemic has been here for far too long. I must say that I am so proud of us humans. Our desire and hunger to get back to our normal lives have definitely made an impact on getting these vaccines approved and helping people to get back to normalcy again. I am also happy that businesses will be able to open soon. The light seems to be shining at the end of this tunnel and we are almost there. Kudos to everyone who has weathered out this storm in one way or another.

During the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, my hunger and desire for sound teaching to help me grow in my walk with God took me to the internet. I listened to several ministers in the faith and the Holy Spirit connected me to a couple of them. They were based in Nigeria. Yes, Nigeria. I have to tell you that there is an apostolic revival emanating from that Nation. All the bad things you read about in the news that are happening in that country will not diminish what God is doing in Nigeria with His servants. I have enjoyed sound teaching and doctrine and my prayer life has been catapulted into a whole different realm just by following and watching these men of God. I know the Christian faith has been infused with so many fake people parading around that they carry the presence of God but really don’t. I can assure you that these men of God that I have ‘wirelessly’ been enjoying their teachings and manifestations can only do the things they do because the Spirit of the Lord is upon them. The bible said to test all spirits and that is how you will know who truly carries the spirit of God and who doesn’t. I also connected with a prayer team based in Connecticut and another Minnesota that I have been diligently praying with. These people have all impacted my spiritual growth during this pandemic. What is marveling is the kinds of testimonies and the strange acts of signs and wonders that have been occurring through these men of God. 

Just when most believers thought that they have become used to the way that God operates; that you have to literally be present at a Christian convention or meeting, or maybe have a man of God lay hands upon you before you can experience a move of God, well, God is moving “wirelessly” like a cell phone tower. Miracles are happening just by watching a YouTube video of a service, or listening to past sermons or ministrations. It’s mind blowing and for someone like me who really aligns with tangibility, God had to give me my own testimony for me to fully understand that He is God and He can move in any way He wants to. My friends and I have been following these ministries for some time now and some of the testimonies are so good to be true. We even wondered when we can also experience these instant miracles and strange moves of God as proof. We wanted something to really assure us that these testimonies are real and God is moving. Well, something miraculous happened to me this weekend and I shared a recorded video of my testimony today, quite out of character for me. Please click here to watch it on my IGTV:  https://www.instagram.com/theladyabena/channel/

I honestly could not keep this to myself and I wanted the whole world to know that God is moving and touching people ‘wirelessly’. Which means that it doesn’t matter where you are or hiding on this planet, a spoken word from Him can find you and bring you healing in every area of your life. The interesting part of my testimony is, although I have been complaining about this Lactose Intolerance, I have resigned myself to live with it as it seems to be a common issue for most people. I decided to just abstain from dairy products just so I don’t experience the pain and discomfort that comes with me eating them, especially anything to do with milk. I didn’t even know that God actually cared about even the littlest things that concern my life. I also believe He used this miracle to reassure me that He is with me and knows everything that I need and desire, and He will perfect all that concerns me. He also knew I will share this testimony with my friends and loved ones and this will also encourage them that our pursuit of Him is never in vain. 

I don’t know what you are trusting God for in your life this season but I encourage you to dial in to Him. There is truly no distance in the realm of the spirit and He can touch you right where you are. Be encouraged as I am today, knowing that the creator of the universe cares about everything concerning your life. 

Be blessed when you go out and blessed when you come in. 


Lady Abena.