Over a decade ago, I started blogging about any and everything that came to mind. It was quite exciting! I loved putting my thoughts out there and somewhere along the line, not even sure exactly what happened, I reclined into my shell. Life happens they say. The last few years have been quite a journey for me – blessings, lessons, trials, temptations, failures, successes, pain, joy, losses, wins, battles, victories, etc. You name it and I have lived it all. The crowning of all these experiences brought me to a place of a true encounter with God. He got my attention real good and you know what? I’m glad He allowed me to live through it all so I can appreciate where He has brought me and what He is doing with me, and about to do in my life. Truly, eyes have not seen nor ears heard what He is about to unveil and I am soaking it all in and allowing myself to let go and let loose before Him so He can do only what He can with me.

April 1, 2021, my birthday wish was to start phase 2 of my life here on earth by blessing you, yes, you reading this blog, with a weekly message. Whatever God lays on my heart I will share. Whatever is working for me in life I will share. I will share the good, the bad and the ugly because how else can we be a blessing if we don’t bare it all? People heal quicker when they can see your scars. It gives them hope that they can also overcome any situation they find themselves in. The best part is that I will not be the only one sharing here. I have opened this platform to some amazing women who will share their world and hearts with you as well. 

Believe it that God is raising a different breed of women who are “unbought and unbossed”, to lift other women up and to promote His Kingdom. Behind the lipstick and high-heels are prayer warring women who spew the fire of God wherever they are. I am blessed to count myself among this group. Our kind of women are hungry for a true encounter with the Holy Spirit and we strive to be living epistles of prayer. We talk business, family, health, love, life and above all, we do it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Nothing about revealing Christ will be off the table on this blog. 

Please take a moment to peruse this site and learn a bit more about me. Expect a weekly post and do share with your friends, families and colleagues. Bookmark this page and connect with me to share your thoughts and feedback as well. 

May the goodness and mercy of God follow you all the days of your life. God bless you, and thank you for connecting. 

Lady Abena.